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Como Jetty Tones

Como Jetty, australian landscape photography

Hi Everyone,

How awesome is weather that we’ve been having at the moment?   On Friday evening I thought I’d go for the tourist shot of Perth from the South Perth foreshore and once I got there I managed to spot a few good angles that I thought would be good at sunset.  It soon became apparent though that Mother Nature had other ideas and that the action was going to be elsewhere.

I hopped back into the car and headed across to Como Jetty to capture the sunset there instead.  Its funny because as I was driving down the freeway on my way to the city I had looked at the Como Jetty and said to myself that is the spot for tonight but I still continued onto the Perth foreshore.   It just goes to show that you should listen to your gut feeling!  Instinct is a powerful tool.

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!   Now its time to hit the beach to see what I can get.


Jamie Paterson


The Bicton Belle

bicton belle australian landscape seascape

Hi Everyone,

Quite a few months ago I met up with Mr Spool and we headed down to the river to take landscape photos.   Whilst we were walking we came across a yacht club so we decided to head in and see what we could come up with.   This old girl really struck me for two reason, she was a bright blue when everything else around her was white and that she was like a dignified old lady in amongst all the ‘new’ boats.   Its nice to see these old boats still out and about.   Even her name is such a nice name the “Bicton Belle”.

I hope everyone gets a chance to get out and about this weekend and capture some awesome shots.

Hope you Enjoy

Jamie Paterson

Jamie Paterson Photography

Busselton Jetty Reds

Busselton Jetty Australian Landscape Photography Jamie Paterson

Hello Crew,

This is a shot that I managed to get on a recent trip down to Busselton.   The farmers had been burning off the whole time I’d been down there and the smoke was ensuring that the sunsets were staying around for ages (at least 20mins) and were a really deep red.   Its a pleasure taking landscapes like this when the sunset hangs around for ever instead of the usual two second sunsets that we get here in Perth, Australia.   Normally as any other West Australian landscape photographer will tell you, we get about 5 maybe 10mins max to capture a sunset so if you ever see someone tearing up and down a beach clambering over sand dunes and rocks and doing crazy things chances are its one of us taking photos.

I know that Dylan Fox and Clint Baker were down there at the same time and I’m sure we’ll be seeing some more awesome photos from those guys shortly.   I think with light like I had down at Busselton / Dunsborough / Margaret River during that week Clint’s Curse is finally broken. 🙂   

So has anyone else been caputring any good photos?   They don’t even have to be landscapes.

Anyone want to place a bet on how long Clint gets to stay in Greece before we see in the Greek news “Australian Landscape Photographer deported for bad light” lol.

Thank You for stopping by,

Jamie Paterson Photography

Rock Star Landscape Photographer’s Boat (Brightened)


Every Rock Star Landscape Photographer needs their boat.   Last time I looked in Better Photography magazine Peter Eastway and his friend run photography tours in a boat.  I was thinking that perhaps with all the money I’ve made from my Landscape Photography I could purchase this boat and do my own tours.    Any takers? 🙂    Seriously though I love this shot, I was going to call it ‘When I grow up’.    Its part of me learning to grow and extending my photography boundaries and ‘eye’.   Hopefully you will all see the sense of humour in this shot as I did.

Has anyone else got any quirky little shots like this?

Jamie Paterson

Mosman Bay 10 – Jamie 1 – Finally!!!


I was fortunate enough the other night to catch up with Neal from Spool Photography and Kirk Hille of Kirk Hille Photography for an end of year shoot.    We started off at Narrows Bridge and hung around there for awhile but the light was not good to us unfortunately.    After watching the sunset we attempted to take a few photos under the bridge with higher isos to see what happened.   The results were pleasing but not sensational.   We then decided to play iso wars against the Mosman Bay boatsheds which have been my nemisis for the year.

Neal and I cranked up the isos on our camera and smiled with delight at the results.   Well at least I smiled,  I was wondering how much Neal had to drink as he was jumping in the air, yelling obsceneties and giggling like a school girl.  My guess is that he was happy with his Canon 5D MkII.    I think its awesome that I’m taking these sorts of photos late at night now, but when does one sleep?   I blame this latest lack of sleep squarely at the feet of Christian Fletcher, up until now I’d be heading home an hour after the sun set, but it was 10:30pm last night when I headed home and I was still tempted to fire off a few more shots at some other locations on the way home.  

Well now thanks to Flemming and Christian I can now shoot 24hrs a day!!!


Jamie Paterson

Self Portrait @ iso800


So this was another photo that I quickly took last night, its called Deepwater Point Jetty, I decided to make it a self portrait.    Again this is straight out of the camera with absolutely nothing done to it, other than being shrunk a little to squeeze onto wordpress of course.   Obviously, I had one of those pesky oragnge lights on behind me but with a few adjustments in PS that would be solved.    So I think the iso800 performance of my 1Ds MkIII is definitely on par with the Canon 5d MkII.  Phew!!!!   Anyway it was just me tinkering and having a good time.   Over the weekend I’ll probably duck out one night and actually do a proper shoot especially since the oon is so close to being full.

Hhmmmm night photography sounds like a good excuse for a beer, unless your Mel of course.


Jamie Paterson

Ardross St Jetty (Dedicated to ‘There are no clouds’ Spool Photography)

Hi Everyone,

After much internal debate and afer 2 hours of staring out of the window looking for clouds and not seeing any I thought I’d take a chance any way and headed down to the Ardross St Jetty.   I got down there and was pleasantly surprised to see a stack of clouds with a blazing red sunset.  It just goes to show that it pays to follow your gut instinct, its telling you something.  I hope you enjoy it.

Jamie Paterson

Wow! I’ve been Fletcherised!

Hi Everyone,

As you all know last week I asked everyone if there were any changes I could make to my Deepwater Point Jetty photo and I had some fantastic feedback.  I’d made a few changes and was reasonably happy with them.   Imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning to see that Christian Fletcher (www.christianfletcher.com.au) had taken the time to add a few effects to my photo and then send it to me to show me what could be achieved.   This photo is the result of his work and certainly gives me food for thought.   What an amazing difference.   I Just have to work out how he did it (which is the fun part).   Thanks Chrisitan!!!