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Stranded in Applecross

applecross perth australian landscape photography sunsets

A few weeks ago I was on my way home from work.   I looked across the river from the train and saw this boat lying on the river bank and I thought it was a great subject to try and capture.   I also had a funny feeling that the sunset was going to be fantastic!   Its sunsets like these when its a real privilege to be a landscape photographer, these colours haven’t been saturated in Photoshop in any way, it was definitely an amazing sunset.  We get to capture the moment forever and let people see it time and time again.   Its all good fun!

I hope you guys all managed to capture some great photos over Easter.  What did everyone get up to?


Jamie Paterson

Rock Star Landscape Photographer’s Boat (Brightened)


Every Rock Star Landscape Photographer needs their boat.   Last time I looked in Better Photography magazine Peter Eastway and his friend run photography tours in a boat.  I was thinking that perhaps with all the money I’ve made from my Landscape Photography I could purchase this boat and do my own tours.    Any takers? 🙂    Seriously though I love this shot, I was going to call it ‘When I grow up’.    Its part of me learning to grow and extending my photography boundaries and ‘eye’.   Hopefully you will all see the sense of humour in this shot as I did.

Has anyone else got any quirky little shots like this?

Jamie Paterson

Wrong Place – Right Time



I had arranged to meet Neal from Spool Photography at Burke Drive in Bicton for an afternoon shoot on Friday afternoon, however it was not to be due our timings.   Whilst standing at Burke Drive I couldn’t help but feel that it was going to be a decent sunset but that I was in the wrong place.   Does anyone else get a ‘feeling’ about these things?    I decided I would head over to Attadale instead and I had given up shooting the sunset as I didn’t think I would arrive there on time to capture it.  I must admit I was extremely surprised and pleased when I turned up to see this beautiful sunset appear in front of me.    It gets so frustrating to go out weeks on end only to come home with nothing, so this made a fantastic change.  

Did anyone else manage to capture this sunset on Friday evening?

On another note, Tony Middleton has written an extremely poignant post about what is happening with the bush fires in Victoria.   My heart is certainly with the people in Victoria.


Jamie Paterson

iso800 Experiment – Rookwood Jetty


Okay so there is lots wrong with this photo I know.  However seeing what Christian was coming up with over the past few nights, inspired me and I wanted to see what my camera could do at night as well.   I took this photo at Rookwood Jetty at 10pm tonight and considering this is straight from the camera, no sharpening, colour adjustments etc…. I’m pretty stoked!!!   Yes the horizon is a little crooked as well, but like I said this is straight out of the camera.   So I see a little more experimentation coming up.   Perhaps I can finally tackle my nemisis the Freshwater Bay Boatsheds with this new knowledge.

Thanks for the inspiration Christian!

Jamie Paterson

Wow! I’ve been Fletcherised!

Hi Everyone,

As you all know last week I asked everyone if there were any changes I could make to my Deepwater Point Jetty photo and I had some fantastic feedback.  I’d made a few changes and was reasonably happy with them.   Imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning to see that Christian Fletcher (www.christianfletcher.com.au) had taken the time to add a few effects to my photo and then send it to me to show me what could be achieved.   This photo is the result of his work and certainly gives me food for thought.   What an amazing difference.   I Just have to work out how he did it (which is the fun part).   Thanks Chrisitan!!!