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Trigg Beach Tango


Hi Everyone,

Well after checking out www.swellnet.com.au I saw that today was going to have some pretty decent waves and that the wind was going to be offshore for most of the day so I hit Trigg Beach at 8am this morning and obviously the word was already out as a massive crew was packing out the lineup.    I captured some awesome shots with a number of guys getting heaps of air, I’ll save them for later.   If this is the sort of waves we are getting in autumn I can’t wait to see what Winter throws at us once the sand banks built up.

3 responses

  1. Pretty cool, just need some monster waves and blue water ….

    Ever thought of doing some wave panning ?

    Saturday, April 11, 2009 at 16:42

  2. Hi Neal,

    No I hadn’t but I will definitely be trying it over the next few days if we don’t get any decent light. According to http://www.swellnet.com.au Wednesday looks like a half decent day for wave panning. Its a little offshore so it will hold the wave up. Wednesday just might equal wave panning day.

    Monday, April 13, 2009 at 21:26

  3. Tony Middleton

    Keep an eye on those conditions and swellnet Jamie and get out there when it has some size about it. Then the fun begins ! (admittably more so for those out in the water of course). 🙂

    Wednesday, April 15, 2009 at 22:09

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